Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Down With a Case of the Hobby-Less Blues

I came to a sad realization yesterday. I have no hobbies.

I guess I should have prefaced that thought with the fact that it came to me after a very long day of doing complete nothingness on the couch in front of the television. It was me, Simon the Papillion, and Dance Moms. For hour after hour.

During commercials, I did some crunches and bicycles (yes, that was the extent of my exertion yesterday), but with the day off from work, Shane coaching football, and I already spent (cough cough more than cough cough) my shopping budget earlier in the weekend (hello, sale rack and Gap and the Limited!), I wasn't left with too many choices. I thought about riding my bike... but it was hot out and I didn't want to go solo in the event the nasty dog down the road decided to chase after me again (at notable speed, I might add). I read some of my book, cooked lunch, and cleaned up my house a bit. But there was an impressive amount of Lifetime and TLC constantly on in the background.

By the time 3 and 4 o'clock rolled around, I felt pretty crappy! I had done literally zilch all day, and although I was thankful for a relaxing day- this was not how I imagined to feel about my day off.

In the early evening, I drove to CVS with Shane to pick up a couple things. I felt drained from my day off, slightly melancholy, and didn't have much to talk about because, well- you already know how exciting the previous hours of my day were.

This was when I realized I have no hobbies.

Sure, I like to read, I have my favorite shows, I enjoy a good walk. But there are not many productive things I enjoy doing and can do often. I'm sure shopping doesn't count, I tried needlepoint one time... it didn't last long, and I like to cook and bake when a good recipe tickles my fancy that doesn't call for ridiculous items.

I told Shane I want a sewing machine (yes, he is aware he is dating someone stuck in the 50's), but I will need to figure out how to use one, first. My grandmother was a seamstress by trade, and a great one at that. My mother however, seemed to skip over those dining room lessons. Ask her if she knows how to thread her sewing machine... just ask her. Decorating, throwing parties, puffy painting my name on each and every one of my elementary school supplies... now, those are my mother's strengths. Domestic life? She is much too sassy for all that jazz! (Suffice it to say, I won't be learning these sewing lessons from her!)

Do you think a sewing machine would solve my no-hobby woes, or put me in more of a frustrated quandary? I like to hand-stitch things, I enjoy doing crafts when I know how to make them great, I would LOVE to brag about the great skirt I will wear. "Oh, this thing? It's mine... as in, I made it." 

I'm sure my grandmother would be proud. My mom always says I take after her a whole lot, especially for never having known her.

What do you enjoy doing that takes you away from the mundane?


  1. I write! And so do you, I might add. That in itself is a remarkable accomplishment. Did your grandmother write? Did your mother write? Not to sound harsh (please understand I'm on your side - I have no hobbies either!) but sometimes women can be so hard on themselves. Your day didn't exactly sound as though you were goofing off - you weren't exactly a slacker. You needed a day to slow down, and it sounds as though you had a very lovely day of watching some Lifetime and TLC in addition to: a) some exercising, b) cleaning of your house, c) cooking lunch, d) running errands. Plus, you did some reading of your book! Why feel melancholy about that?! Sounds like a perfect day to me, even if you didn't do any sewing. It takes so much time, creativity, and intelligence to have your own blog. You wrote this post, and it's a good one, you deserve a lot of credit for that. If you don't want to pat yourself on the back, I'll do it for you. You're amazing. And I mean that in the best way possible.

    1. Thank you for this! Melancholy days can always be put in a better perspective. I truly appreciate your kind words and encouragement!

      My mother is a beautiful writer, and I wish I knew more about my grandmother's other gifts. I'll be sure to do some digging into that!

      I know I will be grateful for days like this when they are even more seldom. Thanks again, Darlene. You, as well, are amazing.

  2. Get a sewing machine! I actually want one, too :) I'm also kind of bad and lazing around all day, but it is good every once and awhile. I like to paint, do that!