Friday, November 30, 2012

Libby's List of Inexucusable Grammar Goofs

I have, as some would say, a few quirks. They're not necessarily bad (hey, I've lived with them this long!) but some people don't get why certain things irk me, or why I do things in my own special way (i.e: food on a plate. It isn't made for touching. My green beans would appreciate not being groped by my chicken, thankyouverymuch.)

I have compiled a list of some of the biggest contenders grating on my grammar quirk. If you do these things, we can no longer be friends. Okay, that's a bit harsh, but just know I WILL correct you and you WILL fix it and like it. That's what friends are for, after all.

And, before I give you said list, just know for all you parents out there: your kid using incorrect grammar is not cute. As much as you would like to label it as such, teach them proper English! You want your kid to earn high preschool honors, don't you?

Libby's List of Inexcusable Grammar Goofs

1. Asking a question such as, "Where's the party at?" cringe.
 Correction: "Where is the party?" or, "At whose house will the party be held?" There is no place named At, and if there was, no parties would be held behind it.

2. "Me and her are going to the mall."
  You hit 2 whammies with this one! Not only should you introduce others before yourself, but "her" goes nowhere. "She" does.
  Correction: "She and I are going to the mall."

3.  Couldn't Of/ Wouldn't of/ Shouldn't of
  Correction: Couldn't Have- or, could not have. As in, "I could not have a piece of candy. I wasn't allowed."
 I'm shaking my head as I type this because I never would have thought I would have to explain that... but my Facebook feed tells me otherwise.

4. Unnecessary Ellipses (AKA: ...)
  An ellipsis... isn't meant to just fill space... or introduce a thought... or transition into something else...
 (See also: "hyphen," which people also misuse in similar contexts.)
 Correction: An ellipsis is primarily used to show omitted words. As in: they were there, and now they are not. Yes, it may be used to show a pause or break in thought and context, but please... use... sparingly... and...only...when... absolutely...necessary (...)

5. To/Too
 Correction: If you have too much fun, you might forget to use the correct word. To me, that would just be too preposterous for words.

What are some of your grammar (or unrelated) pet peeves and quirks??

Monday, November 19, 2012

A Military Affair (The Dancing Kind)

Shane works in sports medicine and athletic training for the Marine Corps. He is great at his job and the people he works with really appreciate him.

This weekend, I was able to experience one of the job's perks- attending a military ball!

I love getting dolled up and fancy for a night out. Shane, well, he just loves appeasing me and my thrill of the frills!  Like I said, the man works in athletics. He is used to wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Tuxes just aren't really his thing... but boy, does he look great in one!

We danced, we ate, we met some really cool people. The world of the military is really fascinating to me. They have so much structure, uniformity, pride, and camaraderie. Somethings you just don't see everyday. And of course, they love to have a good time! Yep, count this girl in!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Reading Is Sexy.

There's a feeling I really can't describe after finishing a newly-beloved book. I find myself reading the last line over and over again, as to prolong the inevitable divorce I feel of these characters and story lines I have grown so familiar of.

My earliest memories of this draw to books were in the American Girls book series. I began reading when I very young, but these books were the first I couldn't put down. Each birthday and holiday, I had to get the next books or a new girl's series. I read each and every one... multiple times.

My mom and I spent hours and hours of my childhood nestled between the shelves of the Lakeland Public Library. I loved the smells, the categories, the big circular desk, the dewy decimal system that I have adapted on my own bookshelves. Stacks of books piled around me, hearing my mom say, "you can only pick one," and feeling as if that would be the hardest task I would ever tackle. How could a person pick just one when there are so many wonderful stories to get involved with, characters to fall in love with, fictional places you wish you could visit outside just your mind?

There are emotions attached to your favorite books, characters you relate to, enemies you despise, families you grow to love, hate, and be annoyed by. Cities and restuarants that make you feel as if you are sitting in their red patent leather seats, with the smell of fresh coffee and scrambled eggs wafting underneath your nostrils.

The ending of a great book is the most bittersweet of moments. You can't wait to find out how it ends, if your questions will be answered, but you also just wish the story would linger a few pages longer.

The most recent book I felt this type of connection with is Sarah's Key by Tatiana de Rosnay. If you're looking for a good book to delve into, this is the one.

What book have you read recently that affected your emotions? I am always looking for new books to purchase!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Celebratory Train's Last Stop (For Now)

Choo Choo! After two weeks, the celebration train has been tuckered out with all the fun stops it has made. This past weekend, the stop was for Shane's 27th birthday, and what a fun day it was! The first stop of the day was breakfast. I made homemade crepes (my mom/Betty Crocker's recipe) and filled them with fresh strawberries and cream cheese, and topped with powdered sugar.

I got a real crepe pan for my birthday (as apposed to a normal cooking pan you would use for eggs, vegetables, grilled cheese...), and it truely does make a difference. These things were to-die-for, the recipe was simple enough, and the birthday boy ate about 6 or 7! I would say that means breakfast was a success.

Throughout the day, Shane was presented with gifts at random times, without warning. This was really fun for me- especially when he started going over all the projects he wanted to do with the house but needed to choose one to do at a time.

"How much do new blinds cost?" I asked.
"For the two windows I want to do right now, about $75," he replied.

I  sure do wish my poker face was better. All I could do was giggle as I walked to get his next gift from its hiding spot. At the bottom of a sea of tissue paper in a big box, Shane found a Lowe's gift card. And oh yes, for the amount of $75.

After his many random gifts, I surprised the Birthday Boy with dinner at Rodizio Grill in Pensacola. Shane has been to a few Brazilian steakhouses like it, and when this one opened not too long ago, I knew it was where we had to eat! The food was amazing, there was so much to choose from and it all came right to your table to be carved and served. Some options were a little crazy- rattlesnake sausage and chicken hearts- but overall, it was a fabulous dinner!

Question: What birthday would be complete without a cake? Answer: None!

I must say, this cake was absolutely delicious. I used a cake-mix-on-steroids recipe I found on Pinterest, and baked in an awesome three-tier cake pan that takes away the hassle of dental floss, slicing, having enough counterspace, and making sure your layers are just right. Shane loved it. (And ate it for breakfast the next day!)
I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life that I get to celebrate all of life's joys with. On this day, it was great having him let me dote on him and have all the attention on him (even though it is so not his thing!).

Happy 27th birthday, Shane! I love you, and I hope this year knocks all its predeccesors out of the water!