Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Celebratory Train's Last Stop (For Now)

Choo Choo! After two weeks, the celebration train has been tuckered out with all the fun stops it has made. This past weekend, the stop was for Shane's 27th birthday, and what a fun day it was! The first stop of the day was breakfast. I made homemade crepes (my mom/Betty Crocker's recipe) and filled them with fresh strawberries and cream cheese, and topped with powdered sugar.

I got a real crepe pan for my birthday (as apposed to a normal cooking pan you would use for eggs, vegetables, grilled cheese...), and it truely does make a difference. These things were to-die-for, the recipe was simple enough, and the birthday boy ate about 6 or 7! I would say that means breakfast was a success.

Throughout the day, Shane was presented with gifts at random times, without warning. This was really fun for me- especially when he started going over all the projects he wanted to do with the house but needed to choose one to do at a time.

"How much do new blinds cost?" I asked.
"For the two windows I want to do right now, about $75," he replied.

I  sure do wish my poker face was better. All I could do was giggle as I walked to get his next gift from its hiding spot. At the bottom of a sea of tissue paper in a big box, Shane found a Lowe's gift card. And oh yes, for the amount of $75.

After his many random gifts, I surprised the Birthday Boy with dinner at Rodizio Grill in Pensacola. Shane has been to a few Brazilian steakhouses like it, and when this one opened not too long ago, I knew it was where we had to eat! The food was amazing, there was so much to choose from and it all came right to your table to be carved and served. Some options were a little crazy- rattlesnake sausage and chicken hearts- but overall, it was a fabulous dinner!

Question: What birthday would be complete without a cake? Answer: None!

I must say, this cake was absolutely delicious. I used a cake-mix-on-steroids recipe I found on Pinterest, and baked in an awesome three-tier cake pan that takes away the hassle of dental floss, slicing, having enough counterspace, and making sure your layers are just right. Shane loved it. (And ate it for breakfast the next day!)
I am so grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life that I get to celebrate all of life's joys with. On this day, it was great having him let me dote on him and have all the attention on him (even though it is so not his thing!).

Happy 27th birthday, Shane! I love you, and I hope this year knocks all its predeccesors out of the water! 

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