Monday, November 19, 2012

A Military Affair (The Dancing Kind)

Shane works in sports medicine and athletic training for the Marine Corps. He is great at his job and the people he works with really appreciate him.

This weekend, I was able to experience one of the job's perks- attending a military ball!

I love getting dolled up and fancy for a night out. Shane, well, he just loves appeasing me and my thrill of the frills!  Like I said, the man works in athletics. He is used to wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Tuxes just aren't really his thing... but boy, does he look great in one!

We danced, we ate, we met some really cool people. The world of the military is really fascinating to me. They have so much structure, uniformity, pride, and camaraderie. Somethings you just don't see everyday. And of course, they love to have a good time! Yep, count this girl in!

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