Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Attack of Sweet Tooth- Cake Mix and a Can of Soda

I'm not going to sit here and lie to you. This girl has a sweet tooth! Now granted, it only comes up now and again... but sometimes, desert is just a necessary evil!

Last night was one of those times. As I was watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire,  browsing Pinterest-ing recipes, and organizing/reorganizing my craft closet (and of course, planning new crafts along the way!), I got an itch for something sweet. I vowed I was not going to get a Sonic Blast, and if I couldn't make something work with what was already in my pantry, I would be SOL.

Picturing my very bare pantry, I remembered my boyfriend's mom, Taryn, making a cake with a can of Diet Coke at Thanksgiving in Massachusetts. So i texted her.

"Can I really make a cake with a can of soda?"
"Yep! All you need is one can of soda and one box of cake mix. Dark soda with dark cake, light soda with vanilla or white cake."

Hmm. I had a box of Vanilla cake and a can of Cheerwine (a delicious cherry-flavored soda from the Carolinas.) I was going to run with it. I would figure out icing later.

At this point, I was optimistic. It would be a baking adventure!

Sticking with Taryn's instruction... I mixed.

Frothy and growing, I was a bit concerned, but trudged on... optimism still in check!

Filling my red and blue cupcake liners (Independence Day is next week, of course!), I resisted the urge to eat spoonfuls of batter. Okay, that's a lie. What!? There's no eggs in there! It was totally safe.

I popped 'em in the oven, following the directions on the box. This was entirely too easy!

Now, any woman knows that a cupcake just isn't a cupcake without great icing. Thankfully, I had cream cheese and powdered sugar. And thankfully, I am a pro when it came to last-minute homemade icing.

I threw together a stick of butter and a package of cream cheese (both softened), and mixed in powdered sugar. I would love to tell you how much... but just keep pouring. You'll know when it's right. A teaspoon of vanilla extract, and my icing was all ready!

Ding! Cupcakes out of the oven, my sweet tooth was so close to being quieted.

These cupcakes looked good. Really good. Not to mention, they were pink! I was nervous it would be too good to be true.

But alas! (drum roll...)

Of course, like any good little baker, I had to have a taste test!
My Cheerwine Cupcakes passed the test! Delicious, moist, and easy! Try them for yourself, and let me know what you think. You can literally do ANY soda, and ANY box of cake mix. I would love to hear the combinations you come up with.

Bon appetit!

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