Monday, July 23, 2012

Pinterest Project: S'More Graham Treats (Aka: Balls of Love)

My ever-lovin' boyfriend returned from Bermuda over the weekend. Hooray! He had a great time with his family, and was even so sweet to bring me back great goodies! He's a keeper, that's for sure. (But I already knew that!)

Before he returned, I was in the mood to whip up something tasty. My good friend, Jill was coming over Saturday morning to go antique-ing and explore Lillian, Alabama (she had never been to the bustling city!), so I decided we needed some sugar-y fuel for our shopping extravaganza.

I recently pinned a recipe for S'More Graham Krispie Treats, and let me tell you, they looked DELICIOUS. And easy. two adjectives I am a sucker for when it comes to desert. (And breakfast, too apparently... Jill and I ate a piece before we set off on our adventure! Hey, no one ever claimed to look to me for healthy meal choices most of the time.)

All I needed was:

Golden Graham cereal
1 bag of mini marshmallows
6 tbps of butter
mini chocolate chips
8x8 pan
cooking spray

I melted the butter. I added the marshmallows. I poured in the cereal. I folded in the chocolate chips. I mushed it in my sprayed pan. I sprinkled with more chocolate chip.

(You can get the detailed recipe from the link above)

Delicious they were indeed! They satisfied the crunchy, the sweet, the gooey, the chewy, the chocolatey. What more you could ask for in a treat?


Unfortunately, this is the only picture I took.... but you get the idea. 

I shared the treat with my good friend, Mashay, who has a little Sweet Pea on the way. She (and the baby) loved them so much, they had two.

"These are so good! I honestly don't even remember much of it, I ate it so FAST!"
(Insert me laughing here) "I know. I'm not sure what to call them though. S'More Graham Krispie Treat is a bit of a mouth-full."
"I'm going to rename them Balls of Love!"

The pregnant woman has spoken, my friends. They shall be called Balls of Love!

I'd love to hear what you do with the recipe. If you add some extra pizazz, please share!

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