Monday, April 15, 2013

Babies and Blessings

One of my nearest and dearest friends, Mallory, had a little bundle of joy in February- Gavin Mark. I helped throw one of her baby showers in December and met some of her friends who loved her and her soon-to-be baby as much as I did! 

 Shane and me with baby Gavin a few weeks after he was born.

This past weekend, one of those friends- Katie- threw Mallory a Baby Meet-and-Greet party- something that was new to me, despite all my baby shindigs.

The party was held at the yoga studio at which Mallory teaches, and it was lovely meeting all her “yogi” friends. Katie had mentioned on the invitation to bring something for Mallory to fill a jar with good things for Mallory. Not sure if i was on the right track, I brought a tube of my favorite fancy lip gloss to remind her not to forget about little luxuries, and hoped it would suffice. 

Walking into the yoga room, shoes off, lights low, you could feel just a very cool energy. Baby Gavin was happy and peaceful, the girls were lovely to be around, and I was just genuinely happy to be there for my friend and her baby. 

We first wrote blessings for Gavin’s life to be displayed in a doorway blessing (I couldn’t find much online about this but it is basically a banner made of colorful fabric that hangs outside of the nursery door with separate little pockets to stuff the written blessings). Everyone went around and shared their blessing, and then it was time for the bowl for Mallory. Not exactly what I was thinking, the bowl was full of homemade sugar scrub and some of the guests added “pixie dust,” lavender essential oils, and stones with things like “patience” written on them. Obviously, I couldn’t exactly add lip gloss to this concoction, but the idea was the still the same: pamper yourself, you’ve done a miraculous thing bringing this life into the world, and even if just for a moment- you deserve to be treated like royalty. At least I know Mallory will appreciate her skin AND lips being as soft as a baby’s bottom…(chuckle chuckle…get it!?)

I am so excited for Mallory’s journey, and grateful that I have been able to play a small part in it. Gavin is such a beautiful gift and Mallory and her husband, Stefan are already amazing parents. 

What are some unique ideas you have seen displayed at baby or wedding showers?

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  1. Awe, so honored to be the topic of your post! We are the lucky ones to have you here to be part of his life. With our closest family member from either side being over 13 hours away, we so love having you here Libby lady. XO